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No pre-nup for Lisa and Gerald as they eye up wedding venues

Celeb couple Lisa Murphy and Gerald Kean are eyeing up France or Austria as possible wedding venues.

And despite Gerald's legal background, he's insisted the couple won't be signing any pre-nups.

The Diary can reveal how the cigar-chomping lawyer is considering having their lavish nuptials in the sunny south of France or on the slopes of some upmarket destination.

And they aren't hanging about when it comes to sealing the deal on their three-year relationship.

Lisa revealed that the couple were looking at having the ceremony towards the end of September or October of this year.

"We just want to have it somewhere really romantic with gorgeous scenery, so those places are two definite possibilities," she said.

There's no chance of them having a small, intimate affair either given the massive number of people they know collectively.

She said that her other half would invite "half the world" if he could, while she would prefer to have a more select assembly of guests at their wedding.


Lisa, who is still waiting to have her Sotheby's ring resized, said she was over the moon with the recent engagement, which they celebrated with a three-week holiday in Miami.

Gerald went down on bended knee to Lisa just before Christmas while on a night out in Residence and proposed to her in front of her delighted parents.

The pair met through mutual friends while at a bash in the Ice Bar of the Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge and despite the 16-year age gap, the unlikely duo have been inseparable ever since.

Gerald has said that he wants to give Lisa the wedding of her her dreams. He has even ruled out drawing up a pre-nup with his glam girlfriend, despite having a personal fortune of an estimated €15m.

"They are not very common in Ireland. I think I probably only ever dealt with about 20 of them and most of those were for people living overseas.

"We certainly won't be entering into one," he said.