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No pain no gain as model pals get Africa jabs

Love hurts for model Georgia Salpa this week -- but not half as much as getting injections for a trip to Africa.

Georgia, who has reportedly dumped boyfriend Calum Best, was getting on with life as normal last night as she filmed the new documentary Catwalk To Kilimanjaro alongside model pals Daniella Moyles, Rozanna Purcell and Louise Johnston.

The half-Greek model forced a smile when she got her vaccines done in preparation for the climb.

"Myself, Georgia and Roz got our injections done last night. We got all our vaccines and my arms are actually dead," Fade Street star Louise told the Diary.


"We had to get them six weeks before we get to South Africa and then we start taking meds for the malaria the day before we fly over."

Georgia will have to put a brave face on again tomorrow night when she attends their latest fundraiser in Copan, Rathmines, which will see them charge punters for a cheeky kiss.

Louise said the foursome was looking forward to enjoying a drink after their difficult journey. "I'll tell you what I'm really looking forward to, once we have finished the descent we can have a beer at the bottom of the mountain and then when we walk back to the hotel we are going to be having a big pool party. But obviously I'm really looking forward to going into Make A Wish foundation and handing over the cheque."

Meanwhile, Louise revealed the Fade Street cast had continued filming without Vogue Williams, who is back in Australia with boyfriend Brian McFadden.

"I'd love it if Vogue was still here but all the cast have become even more interesting since last season. Especially with new cast members like Roz Purcell.

"I'm really friendly with her so I'll always be extremely happy with the finished edit. It's so fun getting to hang out with your friends all day," she said.

Producers had previously said shooting for the new season would only take place when Vogue returned home last month.

"It was great when Vogue was back, the day we were all filming together it was so much fun, it was like one big family again," said Louise. "Obviously Vogue has gone back to Australia but we are still filming away.

"I don't know yet if there are going to be any new men, they don't like to tell me anything, I wouldn't mind now if I found my Prince Charming."