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No more babies for us just yet, reveals Dubs hero Alan

FOOTBALLER of the year Alan Brogan says he and wife Lydia won't be having another baby anytime soon, admitting that their two-year- old son Jamie is enough for now.

The Dublin GAA star has had an amazing year. Not only did his team win the All Ireland final in September but the sports ace was crowned Footballer of The Year, matching his younger brother Bernard who won the title last year.

With a team holiday in Florida planned next month and new opportunities coming his way, Alan says he is happy the way things are.

"There are no more kids on the way at the moment. Lydia is back in college now, she is studying in UCD, so it's not the right time. There are still bits and pieces we want to do before having another child," he said.

"I think one is enough for now. And Jamie is loving all the attention now anyway. He had great fun at the All Ireland final wearing the jersey and all. I was really happy he could be there and be a part of the day that it was."

The Dublin star also played down talks of upcoming endorsement deals for some of the players. Alan says although there are some offers on the table at the moment, the team is trying to focus on getting back to normal life after the whirlwind six weeks.

"There has been some interest in us for some things like that but the guys have to work too and they have to be fair to their employers. You can't be in two places at once, so it's all about having the time to do these things.

"Luckily enough I have a really understanding employer, The Printed Image, who let me take time off to do launches and things like that," Alan told the Diary at the launch of the stationery365.ie Every Child Deserves A Toy yesterday.

Meanwhile the Dubs are looking forward to Florida next month.

"We're making sure to stop off at Disneyland, Jamie is going to have the time of his life," said Alan. "The whole team is going so I'm really looking forward to that, we'll definitely be doing some celebrating over there."

- AR