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'No Keanu, not at me, at the camera'

Was he bemused, bewitched or bewildered?

Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves just couldn't take his eyes of Grainne Seoige... when she intervied him on Daybreak.

The Daybreak reporter was so chuffed that she put an image of the interview on her Twitter page with the modest note: "No Keanu - not at me, at the camera."

The gorgeous Galway star was equally smitten with the heartthrob, saying he "looks great".

The All Ireland Talent Show host was interviewing the star for a segment on the ITV show today.

The mum of one, who recently split from her husband Stephen Cullinane has been focussing completely on her TV career lately.

While the brunette beauty is still dividing her time between here and the UK, she appears to be making herself comfortable on the Daybreak sofa.

Just last week, she filled in for host Christine Bleakley, as she and her co-host Adrian Chiles took annual leave.

She certainly appeared to relish her bigger role on the show, writing on Twitter afterwards how she had "really enjoyed" her stint on the sofa.

Speaking recently about her new job on ITV, she said she "loves it" and describes it as her dream role, having reported back from places like Afghanistan and India.

"My brief is to focus on human interest stories from all over the world. I think it's a testament to my skills and experience that they trust me to cover everything. I have had the most amazing time so far," she said.

And she said that she was not daunted by the challenge of taking on such a high-profile role.

"It's just the way I am. I don't know if people misjudge it or how people see it. I think people sometimes see -- I wouldn't even call it confidence, it's just self-belief," she explained.

"People don't always like to see it in this country, or they don't really understand it, but I think anybody who has ever achieved anything anywhere -- particularly here -- has self-belief."

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves has admitted to being too nice at times.

The Matrix star plays Henry in his latest film Henry's Crime, who is described as "the nicest guy", which he found easy to relate to.

"He sometimes didn't know how to say no, and I might have been guilty of that -- there's lots of examples in my youth. Sometimes you go along and you don't fight for yourself," he said.

In Henry's Crime, which Keanu also co-produced, his alter-ego Henry lacks ambitions, drive and purpose until he becomes an unwitting participant in an unsuccessful bank heist and is sent to prison.

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