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No ill will for driver who hit me - Joe

RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy has settled a personal injuries claim against a woman who knocked him down over two years ago.

The Liveline host said he feels "no ill will" against the learner driver and doesn't blame her for "a complete accident".

Although he has not revealed a figure for the settlement, he told the Herald today that he had no interest in pursuing a case through the courts.

Court documents show that the personal injuries case against Mary Kate McDonagh was due for hearing last Thursday but was struck out on July 27 following an out-of-court settlement.

Mr Duffy -- who is still in pain and requires regular physiotherapy -- was not present at the settlement but is relieved to have the case completed.

"I had no interest in going to court. The young woman who knocked me down wasn't to blame. It was a complete accident and it's been tough on her, the trauma of knowing she knocked someone down," he said.

Ms McDonagh was fined €150 in February 2010 when she was found guilty of driving without reasonable consideration on April 9, 2009.

Duffy spent months on crutches and still has difficulty walking, following the accident on Pearse Street while he was taking books from his car.

He told the Herald that he still requires regular physiotherapy and acupuncture, and his physiotherapist can give him no indication of when his injuries will be fully healed.

But the popular broadcaster said Ms McDonagh immediately expressed regret after the accident and there is no malice between them. "I feel absolutely no ill will towards her. It just happened and she didn't set out for it to happen.

"It was an accident, pure and simple. That night in hospital she dropped up a card to say that she was sorry, and I'm sure she's been feeling that for the last two years.

"I'd much prefer if it didn't happen. I'm still going to acupuncture and physiotherapy. I was there as of this morning at 8.30. I still have difficulty walking."

Joe joked that he will not be able to run in the Olympics next year, and he hastily added that he will not be joining Gay Byrne as a possible Presidential candidate, because he does not know when his injuries will fully heal.

"Nobody can predict it. I just have to keep working on it in terms of physiotherapy for the knee and ankle difficulty. I thought it'd be over by now but I'm still going two years later."