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No bridezillas for Pamela and Ronan’s low-key ‘anti-wedding’ nuptials

TV PRESENTER Pamela Flood is getting married in a humanist wedding this 

The former Miss Ireland (42) will exchange vows in a low-key ceremony with her restaurateur beau Ronan Ryan (43, pictured) as the couple make things official between them.

But forget any suggestions of flashy magazine deals or a celeb-filled wedding day.

Her other half has drawn the line at having a big lavish do as he apparently doesn’t want to appear too flash.

“It is going to be very low-key. I don’t want people saying, Oh look at your man having a huge wedding and he owes this much’,” he said.


Town Bar & Grill, Ryan’s former venue, went into examinership in 2009 before Johnny Ronan’s Treasury Holdings stepped in. He now owns new venue Pizza E Porchetta in the Malting Tower on Grand Canal Quay, which has been flourishing in recent times.

Ronan has insisted that he and Pamela, who have two children together, won’t even be flying away for their honeymoon, opting for a staycation instead.

“We’ll probably go away to Aghadoe Heights in Kerry,” Ronan said. “It will be the smallest wedding ever. Maybe 50 people, just family and friends. It will be a humanist ceremony - no best man.

“It’s going to be the anti-wedding wedding. There will be no big white guna or Pamela riding in on a white horse.”

They’ll even be keeping the catering in-house, given that he’s using Pizza E Porchetta’s chefs to provide the food on the day.

Paying tribute to his beautiful fiancee, he 
described her as a “great support” through his recent troubles.

The pair have been dating for the past six years and she welcomed their first baby, Harrison, three years ago. They added to their brood last October when baby daughter Elsie arrived.

Pamela said she relishes her role as a mum. Speaking about the joys of motherhood, she said she feels “very lucky” that children happened for her “later rather than sooner”.

“Just hanging out with them feels like the greatest privilege, and more than that I have no desire to be anywhere else in the world,” she said.

“Being an older first-time mum was not part of my big plan for life. It was something that just happened, having had my first child at 39 and my second just recently at 42.”