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No blonde switch yet for Holly

MOST of us miss those carefree days of yore when as teenagers we got away with everything, especially questionable fashion choices and hairstyles.

But not Dublin model Holly Carpenter. The 22-year-old is considering adding some blonde to her brunette locks, but after years of hair damage, she said she has learned her lesson.

The girlfriend of Irish and Leinster rugby star Cian Healy is often snapped out and about sporting her brown curls around her shoulders.

"I destroyed my hair when I was younger so it has taken a lot to get it back into a healthy shape after all the bleach I went through," she told the Diary.

"I think in the summer I would be tempted to go a bit lighter," said Holly.

"It is easy to get bored with your look."

This week, the model shared photos of her aged 17 looking drastically different with blonde locks.

Holly said she misses those pre-modelling days, even if it did take her some time to sort out her now lovely brunette locks.

"I think it's funny looking back at pictures when I was younger because I wasn't modelling or anything so I had the freedom to do what I wanted with my hair.

"I will consider doing something different in the summer, but I am happy with my hair at the moment," she added.