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No baby Blues yet for Brian and Amy

LEINSTER legend Brian O'Driscoll appears to be in no rush to start a family.

The Ireland and Blues star is right back at the top of his game after coming through his injury woes with flying colours.

The number 13 has rebounded from the shoulder injury he picked up almost three years ago and now believes he can keep playing until after the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

And O'Driscoll is a strong contender for the Leinster try of the year award, going head to head with Ian Madigan for the prize that will be decided by a public vote run in conjunction with the Herald.

BOD sent a congratulations message to former England rugby star Matt Dawson on the birth of his new baby.


But soon the tables were turned back on him. "Ur a true gent dricco (sic). Are u broody?" the Question Of Sport captain asked O'Driscoll.

However, the Dubliner was not going to be drawn in and simply said: "All in good time."

Former Ireland captain BOD said he only ever focuses on the present and doesn't worry about the future -- especially when it comes to the longevity of his career.

"It's never a case of thinking about the end goal. It's about the process and I am a big believer in that," he said in a recent interview. "Every interview that I do now is 'when am I going to retire?'"

"I don't see any reason to put a finite amount of time on my playing days. I'm enjoying it. I feel physically good, not carrying the aches and pains that I have been carrying for the past couple of years." Meanwhile, BOD's wife Amy Huberman is busy working out of Ireland again this week.

The pint-sized actress -- whose own star is on the up and up -- is currently filming the new series of Threesome for the Comedy Channel in London.

And on the baby theme, her character in Threesome, Alice Heston, is just coming to terms with a new addition in her life.