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'Nipplegate' sees Sile show her saucy side again

Sile Seoige appears to be revealing her cheekier side of late, if her 'Nipplegate' jokes are anything to go by.

The Newstalk 106 presenter (32) was one of the stars of RTE documentary Climb For Kids this week, which chronicled the charity trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, to raise funds for Our Lady's Children's Hospital, in Crumlin.


But she may have revealed a bit more than she intended to comedian Alan Shortt during a private joke between them in a scene at the start of the show.

She was clad in a tight pink fitness top when Alan appeared to gaze down at her before saying: "As you can see, she's all decked out," and declared: "You're going to get cold... here" and gives her his coat.

She responded: "Is that a bit of a hint?", before laughing and donning his jacket. He added: "Cover yourself up for God's sake. God almighty lads. The lads in Kilimanjaro will go mad."

Cheeky Sile then told him: "This keeps happening to me when I'm around you. I can't help it. It's the effect he (Alan) has on me!"

Sile became an overnight internet sensation last March after her X-rated tweet from a Kylie Minogue concert in Dublin.

But she kept things relatively PG-rated for her stint in the Climb For Kids documentary -- narrated by Colin Farrell -- and received a warm reaction from viewers when it aired last Monday night.

Some 356,000 people tuned in to see her joining a 28-strong group of novice climbers, including Kathryn Thomas, Jenny Buckley, Karl Spain and trainer Paul Byrne, on the gruelling hike up the 5,895m peak.


They helped raise more than €250,000 for the hospital, with the money going towards the Children's Medical Research Foundation.

The eight celebrities all had to combat altitude sickness, dehydration and exhaustion, with the challenge proving too much for diabetes sufferer Karl.

"It was the most difficult thing that I have ever taken on personally, both physically, mentally and emotionally," said Kathryn Thomas.

"I just completely broke down because I had been feeling so ill."