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Nigella to sue over foie gras purchase claim

NIGELLA Lawson has called in lawyers over claims she bought "under the counter" foie gras from a renowned Irish butcher.

The celebrity chef (left) vehemently denied a newspaper report at the weekend suggesting that she bought the controversial French delicacy from Jack O'Shea, a prominent butcher, at his former concession in Selfridges department store.

The production of foie gras, made from the enlarged livers of force-fed geese, is banned in Britain. However, it can be sold legally and is stocked in a number of London shops.

Mr O'Shea, who has supplied meat to Michelin-starred chefs in the past, was escorted out of Selfridges before Christmas 2011 after he was secretly filmed selling foie gras. Its sale had been banned at the store.

Mr O'Shea had offered the product to a select group of buyers who requested it using a code name -- "French fillet".

Lawson took to Twitter yesterday to insist that claims of her buying foie gras were false.

She stated: "Need to make it completely clear, story in Mail about my buying foie gras total fabrication ie lie."

Mr O'Shea was unavailable for comment last night.