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Nicollette flies in for new movie ... but it's top secret

HOLLYWOOD actress Nicollette Sheridan has jetted into Dublin to start filming a top-secret new movie.

The former Desperate Housewives star, who played tragic temptress Edie Britt on the hit US TV series, has wasted no time getting straight to work since she arrived here over the weekend.

The striking blonde (46) was spotted by the Herald on set of her new production at the Beacon Hall Court beside the Sandyford hospital.

Dressed down in cropped black leggings, a chunky grey cardigan and runners, the actress looked happy and relaxed as she mixed with Irish members of the production crew during a break in filming outside the plush office suites.

Members of the crew kept tight-lipped when questioned about what is being filmed.

One eye witness said: "There wasn't much security around but when Nicollette arrived on set she was surrounded by a few people. No fans approached her but people in the Beacon were definitely aware of who she was.


"She didn't have much make-up on but she looked stunning and very healthy, not too thin. She attracted quite a lot of attention but seemed quite low key," he added.

The movie is being filmed by Parallel Film Productions. But the Dun Laoghaire-based company, who were also behind the hits Intermission and Breakfast On Pluto, declined to give details on their hush-hush project.

There is nothing about the production on the company's website and spokesperson Joanne Byrne said: "At this moment, I can't comment."

The striking blonde has already been spotted all over the capital since arriving over the weekend and is believed to be staying in the exclusive Shelbourne hotel on Stephen's Green, where she was seen on Sunday evening, for the duration of her stay.

The Irish Film Board and the Irish Film and TV Network had no information on the project.

Meanwhile, the popular movie industry website IMDB is offering no insight into what the project is.

It lists just two productions that Nicollette has signed up for in 2010; an as yet untitled TV romantic comedy based in the UK and Los Angeles, and an animation movie Noah's Art: The New Beginning.


There is no suggestion on the site that the untitled romcom, created by Larry Charles and Anthony Hines, is being partly filmed here.

The film tells the story of Lee who moves to Los Angeles to reconnect with his daughter only to discover he has a 17-year old son. He also ends up finding his long-lost British lover Lori, played by Sheridan.