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Nicky's knickers in a real twist when buying for Georgina


Nicky byrne and georgina byrne

Nicky byrne and georgina byrne

Nicky byrne and georgina byrne

2FM presenter Nicky Byrne has revealed his mortification when trying to buy undies for his wife Georgina.

"Anytime that I have bought lingerie for the better half, it's always embarrassing," he revealed to his co-host Jenny Greene.

The former Westlife singer (36) admitted that even though the couple (right) fell in love in secondary school, he never learnt her proper measurements.

"Say if I'm buying something for Georgina and then the woman comes over to help you and they're very calm and then they go 'Would she be bigger than me?'

"And you're like, 'How do you answer that question?'," he said.

Nicky also admitted that he is even more clueless, when he was told larger numbers don't mean bigger boobs, adding: "Why is that? Is it just to confuse us?"

The couple have three children together, including twins Jay and Rocco and baby Gia, and celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary in August.