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Nicky won't return to 2fm slot ... but no DJs will go, says boss


REJIG: Nicky with his wife Georgina

REJIG: Nicky with his wife Georgina

REJIG: Nicky with his wife Georgina

WESTLIFE star Nicky Byrne will not be making a reappearance as a 2fm DJ, but the station's new boss has pledged that no presenter will lose their job.

Former 98FM CEO Dan Healy said that the station will focus on content rather than personalities.

And he has also vowed not to fire any DJs from the embattled station.

He said that there will be a tightly formatted "hotter playlist" aimed at 25-34-year-olds, where DJs were told what to play.

"Why would we bring in personalities, when we already have some of the biggest personalities in Irish broadcasting?" he said.

"I'm talking Hector, Ryan Tubridy, Larry Gogan etc.

"All presenters are safe on 2fm.

"In fact, the only person who isn't safe on 2fm is me."

Dan Healy is giving himself two years to turn its fortunes around.

Another 2fm DJ, Colm Hayes, confirmed he was also "safe" but jokingly revealed how he once considered "taking a hit out" on the former Strawberry Alarm Clock host.

"It was back when I was running 98FM. The Strawberry Alarm Clock was having such an effect on us, we worked out we needed to spend a million euros in marketing to deal with them.

"I went into the owner and joked it would be cheaper to take out a hit on Colm Hayes," he laughed.

But he said guest presenter Nicky Byrne, who stood in for Ryan Tubridy in recent weeks, would not be returning.

He declared war on more popular rivals Today FM for cleaning up on radio advertising, adding: "Today FM are only marginally ahead of 2fm, now we want our fair share of the revenue for what is a major brand," he said.

Mr Healy said that the station has suffered since the death of Gerry Ryan.



He said that the drop in 2fm's audience over recent years was due to "the extraordinary circumstances where one of the most talented broadcasters in the history of the State had passed away.

Mr Healy said it still felt like "Gerry was in the building".

But with respect to the Ryan family, including Ryan's surviving brother Mike, a 2fm worker, he said: "2fm now needed to move on."

And he said that as his station targeted more female listeners in Dublin, and all across Leinster, 2fm would have the world exclusive of former Westlife singer Shane Filan's first solo single Everything To Me next Friday.