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Nicholson's Cuckoo role named best performance ever

JACK Nicholson's role in classic movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest has been named the greatest movie performance of all time.

Screen experts from Total Film magazine ranked his role as charismatic mental patient RP McMurphy in the adaptation of Ken Kesey's book as the top portrayal.

Robert De Niro's role in Raging Bull was runner-up in the magazine's list of the 200 best performances, while Daniel Day-Lewis was third for There Will Be Blood.

Nicholson won an Oscar for his appearance as McMurphy in the 1975 film, in which he leads the other patients in a rebellion.

Total Film deputy editor Jamie Graham said: "Few actors are as magnetic as Jack Nicholson, and RP McMurphy is his definitive performance.

"Perfectly capturing the anti-hero, anti-establishment spirit of the time, he combines danger, charisma, courage, anguish and humour."

Day-Lewis is the highest-ranked Irish-linked star in the list, while Liam Neeson comes in at No 10.