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Niall's ex hits out at One Direction fans who started rumour she was dead

NIALL Horan's ex-girlfriend told him he should be "ashamed" of his fans after they started a rumour that she had died.

Holly Scally hit back at One Direction fans who inundated her with hate messages for denying her death and saying that she was now dating someone better than the Co Westmeath singer.

Sick cyber trolls claimed that the pretty blonde had passed away after battling cancer, prompting Holly to defend herself on Twitter.


"Apparently I'm dead. Aaah. Serious all you f****** one Direction fans need to f*** off and make up rumours about someone else!

"I'm not dead or pregnant! Bye now."

The disturbing rumour started when an internet user wrote: "Guys, I had some really bad news, Niall's ex-girlfriend has passed away due to cancer.

"In respect, I will be posting a picture soon of both of them."

Within an hour, a thread entitled RIPHollyScally had taken over a social networking site.


Last night, Holly was so tired of the abusive comments she had received from fans that she wrote to Niall (18) directly: "You have some f****** crazy fans! Some [of] which you should be ashamed of tbh [to be honest]. Bit mad."

She also added: "After today, I will never judge someone I don't know!"

While some online fans of the teenage heartthrob insulted Holly, others expressed their support or simply asked her more about her relationship with Niall.

The pair split up before Niall auditioned for the X Factor and rose to global stardom with boyband One Direction.

Holly told one of Niall's fan on Twitter: "Can't remember [why we split up], was two years ago.

"Just didn't [work out] tbh. Better as friends".

Niall has been very respectful and complimentary about the young Westmeath native in the past.

"There was this girl who I was going out with before I went on the X Factor, I told her I had to concentrate on my career.

"I'm delighted I did now but ... she was amazing." the singer had confessed.