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Niall's all-night party with pal Justin ends ... with noodles

IRISH teen heart-throb Niall Horan put aside his differences with rival Justin Bieber to party into the small hours in California.

And the duo got a heavy case of the munchies after their late-night festivities.

Niall (18) and fellow One Direction band mate Zayn Malik were living it up in Bieber's lavish home following their wins at the MTV VMA awards.

The boys returned from a heavy night of partying to Bieber's $10.8m mansion just outside of Los Angeles. And the pair enjoyed a feast of late night noodles.

Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself and Niall demonstrating their culinary talents saying, "At my house cooking some noodles with @NiallOfficial."

The guys spent all day posting photos of their antics in the platinum-selling singer's home online.

Bieber tweeted "Chilling with the homies" to which Niall responded "hell yeeaaaahh".

And later into the evening, the pop mega stars were already getting ready for their next night out on the town, despite having had very little, if any, sleep.

"Guys night in full effect @AlfredoFlores @zaynmalik @NiallOfficial!!" Bieber posted to his page.

Bieber was happy to put aside his loss to the X Factor super group at the awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night.


The superstars picked up the awards for Best Pop Music Video, Most Shareworthy Video and Best New Artists.

They pipped Bieber to the Best Pop Music title and also beat Rihanna to claim the award.

Justin on the other hand had to leave with nothing as he was beaten by the boys and lost out in his other category.

To illustrate that there were no hard feelings, Justin (18) sent public congratulations and offered them a place to stay after Niall and the boys took the award.

It was just the tip of the iceberg for the young Westmeath singer, who also shared a kiss with Katie Perry at the awards. Justin Bieber was discovered when he was 13 and he has quickly become one of the biggest male artists in the world.

Niall's journey to the top of showbiz has been similar.

He entered the X Factor and found himself thrown together with four guys he didn't even know before they became number one selling artists.

Niall will be making his long-awaited return to his home town of Mullingar next week to host two charity events with aid of mentor and friend Keith Duffy from Boyzone.