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Niall pens song for Jonas Brothers

THE Blizzards frontman Niall Breslin (27) is joining forces with US sensations the Jonas Brothers to write material for their new album.

The Herald can reveal how the rocker is making an unlikely alliance with the squeaky clean stars, who are famous for taking vows of chastity and steering clear of the usual vices in the pop industry.

The talented songwriter moved to London at the start of last month in a bid to kickstart a solo writing career -- and seems to have got off to a flying start.

Made up of Joe, Kevin and Nick, the Jonas Brothers have sold more than eight million albums worldwide and have a massive 'tweenie' following in the States.

"Niall's going to be writing a song for the Jonas Brothers for their new album and is delighted to have got the opportunity," said a source.

"They may not be the coolest guys in rock but they're absolutely massive in America, which is where you really want to be making a splash if you're a musician, so it's going to open a lot of doors for Niall."

The former Leinster rugby player sparked surprise among fans of the Midlands band after deciding to go it alone in Britain, where he lives with MTV beauty Laura Whitmore.