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Niall love rumours 'annoying' – Laura


 Laura Whitmore. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty

Laura Whitmore. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty

Laura Whitmore. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty

LAURA Whitmore has told how she found it frustrating being romantically linked to One Direction's Niall Horan.

The MTV presenter said she and the 1D star were strictly pals and branded the rumours "annoying".

"I was dating someone else then it got quite annoying for me personally," she said, speaking to Jarlath Regan on the Irishman Abroad podcast.

"Because he's in a really famous band, everyone kept saying it, then I think I just clearly said, 'he's my brother from another mother.'"

Laura, from Bray in Wicklow, said she had plenty of male friends but that everyone always honed in on Niall.

"There are other guys I hang out with more," added the 28-year-old. "It just got really frustrating that because he was Irish and in a band and I was Irish and on the telly, we just kept getting put together."

The I'm A Celebrity presenter also revealed how she hard she had to work to get to where she is.

And she told how she remembered being 18, standing in London's Leicester Square, watching a live MTV broadcast and its female presenter, then turning to her friend and telling her, "I'm going to have her job one day".

Her plans for the future include a fashion line, which she will have full creative control over.

"I could have done a one if I had wanted to but I haven't yet," she said.

"I don't want to put my name to something that I can't 100pc commit to, and if I do do something it's completely mine."

Elsewhere, she admitted that while growing up back home in Ireland, she was incredibly studious in school even though she was not exactly sure what she wanted to eventually do with her life.

"I was a nerd at school and was into my studies and didn't particularly know what I wanted to do," she added. "I was a talkative nerd."


And the presenter admitted that Miriam O'Callaghan was a big role model of hers because she had paved the way for more female broadcasters.

"She can hold a show by herself," Laura said. "She doesn't need a sidekick."