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New York's style is the perfect fit, but Dublin is always home – Thalia

She doesn't want to live there, but New York is the ideal style haven for "alternative" model Thalia Heffernan.

The Dublin beauty spent five weeks getting used to the sights and sounds of the Big Apple after being signed up by top model agency Ford in November.

And when she's not sporting fancy frocks and looking uber-preened for a modelling job, Thalia says the chic city is the place to showcase her quirky fashion taste.

"It's much cooler and I feel like I fit in more over there because it is very unique and alternative," the 18-year-old told the Diary. "I like to wear whatever I pull out of my closest or my dad's closet more so than my own.

"Everything works over there and there are no set standards, which is great.

"New York is the world of the crazy and everyone fits in over there so you can't do any wrong," she added.

The Ranelagh native is back at home where she has been run off her feet with job offers.

While she loves the edgy style of far-flung places, "homebird" Thalia says that nothing beats the familiarity of Dublin.

It also means that the model teen gets to spend more time with her family and boyfriend Anthony Slein.

"I don't feel at home in any other city as much as I do in Dublin so I want to keep it as my base for now," she explained.

"I have my commitments here and I'm lucky so far that it's working and my clients abroad aren't getting angry at me so I don't feel the need to move away."

Thalia, who last week flew to London where she shot for online fashion hub Misguided, says it can be tough but she is making her hectic schedule work.

"I'm still getting direct bookings, which is great and it means I don't need to be in the city as much.

"It works out that everyone is happy. I can fly out to meet clients if it's really necessary so that is working for now."

Thalia is planning another trip back to New York in March for the post-spring shows, but added "it depends on clients and where I need to be".


The young model has found herself running on empty recently after flying home from the UK late at night before rising in the early hours for more jobs in Dublin.

But the slender blonde is just thankful that her hard work is finally paying off.

"I'm really glad to be out of school and to be able to commit my time to it fully because now I know what I can do.

"It's really rewarding. I put so much time into modelling during my school years and now I'm seeing the benefits.

"The commitment is still there, which is a good sign," she added.