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New mum Sybil ditches convertible for family car

NEW mum Sybil Mulcahy is swapping her convertible for a family wagon.

The TV3 star and her husband John Prendeville welcomed baby Michael 10 days ago, and named him after her father. Michael is baby brother to Hugh (5) and Genevieve (3).

The Morning Show host Sybil (34) told the Herald that she and hubby John chose the name several days after Michael's birth.

"We didn't have the energy to think of any new names. My husband's dad's name is Peter and my dad's is Michael, so we just had to make a decision between the two. I like it, Michael is a good, strong name."

It's been an exhausting time for The Morning Show anchor since returning home from hospital.

"I'm pretty tired, the first week is the toughest and the other two kids Hugh and Genevieve have been at home sick for the past week as well. On top of that, my childminder is away for the next month. But we're just getting on with it and we're obviously thrilled and happy Michael's here safely.

"I didn't want to know what I was having, so it was a lovely surprise.

"I went eight days early too, he was actually due today. So that was great to get it over and done with."

The Ballymount broadcaster is now making more practical changes for her growing brood.

"I'm giving up my two-seater Audi convertible for a seven-seat car instead. I bought my car last summer, before I knew I was pregnant, so we just need something more practical."

Although she's on maternity leave for the summer, Sybil insisted she is in no hurry to slim down.

"I have about a stone-and-a-half to lose. The gym is not for me, I don't go anyway so I'm not going to start now.

"I'm not worried about the baby weight to be honest, it's the last thing on my mind at the moment. The next few weeks will be filled with looking around for a house and being a mum."