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New mum Lucy plans quick return to work

RTE presenter Lucy Kennedy has confirmed she'll be back on the airwaves in just three weeks.

The Diary can reveal how the brunette mum, who had her second baby Holly just two weeks ago, will be back at Montrose studios next month.

And she managed to get out for her first night out since having her baby girl on Saturday night.

"My sister's house is literally across the road so I can bring Holly over in her Moses basket. She's a really good sleeper," she explained.

She and a group of pals have been having Come Dine With Me nights since last February and they resumed them over the weekend.


She also said there were happily "no major dramas" as she welcomed in her second baby.

"I was at home on the Wednesday night at about 11 o'clock at night. I had been on my bouncing Yoga ball and got into bed. I woke up needing to do a wee and my waters broke. I was like 'what the?' I was standing there, totally in shock and Richie was like 'who do we phone?' So we phoned The Coombe and we went in and that was it, Holly was born the next day," she said.

She added how she was born with a full head of hair and looks like "a little hairy monkey".

"She has black hair, navy blue eyes and dimples, she is gorgeous," the proud mum said.