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New mum Laura is face of fitness drive

YUMMY mummy Laura Woods is set to inspire fellow new mums to get in shape in the New Year after landing a gig fronting a new fitness campaign alongside RTE presenter Baz Ashmawy.

The chatty broadcaster, who gave birth to her first baby, Ben John Arigho in November, explained how she has been signed up by Aviva Health Insurance to give tips on getting in shape in 2011.

Laura (33) said she was looking forward to putting herself through her paces in January in order to drop any extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

"The idea is basically to encourage healthy living and for people to look after themselves and their bodies," Laura explained.

"Myself and Baz will be working with Aviva and helping promote their get fit action plan.


"I'll be kind of representing the new mums. The aim isn't to tell everyone to get rid of all the baby weight straight away. It's just to show that there are healthier options.

"I haven't been too stressed about it myself. I'll worry about it in January. I've been so busy running around after the baby, that's great exercise in itself."

The RTE personality said she loves motherhood and is thankful that her architect hubby Mark has been a hands-on dad since Ben's arrival seven weeks ago.

"I'm absolutely exhausted but it's great fun," she said.

"Everyone talks about getting them into a sleeping routine and I had all the best of intentions.

"But I think when they're so young and innocent, you'd rather cuddle them a little instead.

"If I was on my own I would be struggling though, there's no doubt. I have a new serious respect for all the single mums and dads out there. I don't know how they do it.

"In the evening, I shove the baby at Mark the second he comes in the door," she laughed.

Laura, who is pals with TV3 broadcaster Colette Fitzpatrick, went on to explain how they can't wait for their new sons to meet for the first time in January.

The high-profile presenters gave birth to their boys just a few days apart.

"Myself and Colette have been in touch a good bit and texting back in forth," Laura explained.

"I can't wait to meet Milo and show Ben off to her."