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New mum Andrea heads straight back to the radio hotseat

TV3 star Andrea Hayes is already back to work -- despite giving birth to her first baby girl, Brook, just three weeks ago.

The dedicated broadcaster has revealed to the Diary how she made her return to the radio airwaves last weekend, when she recorded some links for The Weekend Show, which she fronts on Sunshine 106.8FM.

Andrea (31) explained how she is keen to continue hosting the weekly programme now that she is a new mum, with her hubby Dave Torpey set to take over when it comes to baby duty every Saturday.

"I went into the radio station and did a little bit of stuff last Saturday," Andrea said. "I don't want to take on too much too soon but I think I can make it work for one day a week.

"I'll let my husband take over the babysitting. I am the type of person who can't sit still. I'm always going from job to job so it's been a huge change of pace for me.

"I'd like to attempt to do this and then if it doesn't work out I'll think again. I won't be back filming Animal A&E until the start of October.

"I'm hoping to catch up with the gang from TV3 before then though when I head along to the autumn launch this month," she added.

Andrea went on to explain how she has been in touch with fellow TV3 star Anna Daly to wish her luck, given that the Ireland AM star's own baby is due next week.

According to Andrea: "I just texted her and wished her all the best last week as I knew she was about to go on maternity leave.


"I told her to be sure to rest, rest, rest as it really is so important before the baby is born.

"Everyone tells you to do it, but it really is so difficult as you're busy waiting for it to arrive," she added.

Andrea says her own bundle of joy, who arrived into the world at a bouncing 8lbs 2oz has yet to develop a regular sleeping pattern. She hasn't caused the broadcaster too many sleepless nights yet however.

"It's all been great. I'm just so happy to have a healthy baby to be honest," she said.

"When you're in hospital and you see all those parents there with premature babies it makes you really appreciate what you have.

"She has no routine at the moment, some days she's fantastic and then other days she's really unsettled.

"It's all part of the experience I suppose. Everything is so exciting and so new," she added.

The northside presenter, who fronts Animal A&E with Michael Hayes, is just one of a number of presenters working at TV3 who have become mums or are expecting babies this year as the station undergoes a huge baby boom.

In addition to Andrea and Anna, Xpose's Aisling O'Loughlin and Ireland AM producer Victoria O'Brien are also expecting.