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New hope in hunt for Celia's lost gems

Model agency owner Celia Holman Lee has revealed how there's been a new lead in the investigation into the loss of her jewellery.

The Celebrity Salon winner (60) was left devastated after she left her Cartier watch, a gold bracelet and three diamond rings in a bag on top of her car before driving off.

However, the socialite was given fresh hope this week .

"There may be a small lead about some new information. We have got the CCTV footage so there could be something in that," she explained.

"I just have a gut feeling that I'm going to get it back. I do still feel very upset about and I'm just annoyed with myself because I left it on top of the car which was a stupid thing to do."


The cache of jewellery has been missing for the past two weeks since Celia went out to dinner with her husband Ger at the upmarket Cornstore restaurant in Limerick.

As she was getting into their car, Celia accidentally closed the door on her hand.

"My fingers and hand started to swell and I took off my rings and watch. I put them all into my bag and left it on the roof of the car as we drove off," she explained.

She realised quickly afterwards what she had done and returned to Thomas Street in the city centre -- but there was no sign of the leopard-print Diane Von Furstenburg clutch.