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New chapter for author Kate as she is cancer free after year-long battle

IIRISH author Kate Thompson says she is now cancer free following a diagnosis of breast cancer last October.

And the former Glenroe star has paid tribute to her female friends, including author Marian Keyes, who have supported her through her treatment.

Kate, who has been both an actress and a bestselling author of romantic fiction, has spent the past year undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The author discovered that she had invasive lobular cancer, after a routine breast check appointment in St Vincent's Hospital -- which she says she might easily have missed if she hadn't met a book deadline the day before.

The actress told the Herald that having had a lumpectomy last year she is "cancer free", and the treatment over the past year is a measure to ensure that it doesn't return.


"It's been a year since the diagnosis. I went through six sessions of chemo and six and a half weeks of daily radiotherapy.

"I was lucky in that I had a lumpectomy and not a mastectomy, but I was unlucky in that it was a rare form of cancer.

"The chemo was dodgy and I felt wretched afterwards sometimes. I told myself that I'd never have a television in the bedroom but this year we got one because sometimes after chemo you can only relax and watch afternoon television."

Chick-lit author Marian Keyes is a close friend of Kate's and the pair have now taken up their shared hobby of hill walking once again.

"All of my friends have been hugely supportive.

"I'm back to work now and Marian Keyes has read a little of my next book. I wrote 9,000 words and she loves it so I'm delighted. I've another idea as well and I'm dripfeeding my way into that."