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Nemo and Collette pals again after attack terror

MODEL Niamh Walsh has finally patched things up with pal Collette McBarron after falling victim to an attempted rape last month.

The model, known as Nemo, moved out of the Chelsea flat she was sharing with the former army lieutenant this summer when the pals got into an argument over money.

But after Niamh (26) was attacked at an underground Tube station in London, she told of how she and Collette have become good friends again and she has been by her side during this difficult time.

"Me and Collette are back friends now. She's actually been really amazing the last few weeks. I just said listen this is pointless, we were just arguing over money at the end of the day and it wasn't as important as our friendship.

"We both decided just to forget about the whole thing, and we have decided not to talk about it. I can't get rid of her now," she joked.

The comments come just weeks after Niamh was attacked by a man in London. The model says the incident really shook her and she has become more aware about her safety ever since.

"I do feel myself start to panic when people are walking behind me now. If I'm walking down the street and I think somebody is too close to me I'll walk into a shop or something like that just out of pure paranoia. But I am feeling much better since the attack."

While Niamh has been supported by her close friends in London, she admitted her family are trying to convince her to come home to Ireland.

"My brother and father are both gardai so they have been on to me all the time. My brother is already so protective of me so now he's got 10 times worse. My family are trying to get me to come home now.

"But I'm not going to move home because of it. The way I look at it I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Another reason to stay in the big city may be a new romance. The model remained tight-lipped on details but told the Diary she is dating someone.

"I have been seeing someone. We've only been together the last few weeks, he has been great."

Nemo's last public romance was with footballer Steven Taylor as well as a brief fling with boxer Kenny Egan.