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Natasha's sights set on LA as she dreams of turning book into film

SHE was already hailed as rock star royalty, being the stepchild of legendary singer Van Morrison and the daughter of former pageant queen Michelle Rocca.

But Natasha Rocca Devine is fast becoming a superstar in her own right.

After launching her first book The Industry last month, the published author has been enjoying a jam-packed schedule, touring the length and breadth of the country.

The 29-year-old is determined not to rely on family ties and wants to pave her own way, be that as a writer or a designer.

"I'm a first-time writer so this is all still quite new to me, but I've been getting a great reaction to the book and it's really nice getting to know my readers," she told the Diary.

The book is about Alanna who moves from Kerry to London and is emerged in the madness of the celebrity world.

"My mum, dad and stepdad are all involved in showbusiness to an extent and I grew up surrounded by that lifestyle so drew on my own experiences," the glamorous brunette said.

"But none of the characters are based on my family, I think. My mum is a bit more of an introvert – which may sound strange given she was Miss Ireland."

Natasha's dad is former Arsenal manager John Devine and the beauty said he's a big fan of her work so far.

"My dad absolutely loved the book – I think he's my biggest fan. I was surprised given he's mad into football, but I think he was secretly delighted there were a few references to WAGs and the football world."

With her debut proving a hit, she's already looking for more literary success.

"I've started the second. It's called The Industry Afterparty and the third will be called The Industry on Tour. I have an outline of the structure but it's still a little up in the air," she said.

And Natasha has big plans for her career, with Hollywood in her sights.

"The plan is to head over to LA and sign with an agent over there, maybe later this year," she said.

"It would be a dream come true if the book was made into a movie. And there are loads of Irish heroes out there, like Michael Fassbender and people like that. I think we need a few more Irish heroines for a change," she added.