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Nadine revels in life with Jason but Girls are not in the picture

Loved up Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle shows no signs of returning for a reunion with her former bandmates as she posts photos online with her American footballer boyfriend.

The Irish singer has been fervently carving out her solo career in LA for the past few months and seems to be settling into the way of life with the help of her new love, American footballer Jason Bell.

On Valentine's Day the pair were out on the golf course in Palm Springs, taking a break from recording in the studio.

She posted the photo on her Twitter page and said: "Neither of us play golf, we just liked the cart!"

And it appears as if her other business ventures are going from strength to strength.

Her well established pub, Nadine's Irish Mist bar in California which is run by her parents, has been listed as a top spot to visit on a tourist website in America.

"My bar restaurant has been nominated by FoxLA.com as one of the hot spots in southern California. Great news. See you at the mist," she posted.

But her former bandmates have put talks of a reunion on hold, in the hope that Nadine will be returning from LA.

Kimberley Walsh (28) recently said that plans for the band's new album have been held up by Nadine.

"The plan is... well, basically, Nadine needs to come over from LA," she said. "We need to chat and book it in because there are five people's diaries to work around, rather than just one."

But she denied reports that the group was splitting, and said the group would be back with a more mature sound.

"We signed up for three albums before we took the break," she added. "We always have to take it up a level and bring out new and exciting stuff."