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Nadia is so over her war of words with chef Derry

Model Nadia Forde has laughed off her much publicised spat with celebrity chef Derry Clarke.

The high profile pair became embroiled in a war of words last summer when the outspoken chef waded into a row over bikini-clad models being used to promote products, blasting comments made by Nadia on Liveline.

Last weekend saw the blonde beauty (20) come face to face with the proprietor of l'Ecrivain for the first time since their falling out, when her FM104 DJ, Mark Noble brought her to the upmarket spot for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

"It was really funny, I didn't even know it was his restaurant," Nadia told the Diary. "His wife came over to talk to us and break the ice.

"It turned out that she actually grew up with my mum and my aunt so she was slagging me about the whole 'bikini gate' thing and we all had a laugh about it."

The couple, who went public with their romance for the first time at last year's Meteor Awards, are set to celebrate their first anniversary in the coming weeks.

Nadia has vowed to learn to cook so she can make the transformation to domestic goddess now that they have set up home together.

"I'm going to look into doing a cookery course so I'll be able to cook him a nice dinner for our anniversary. We're not quite sure when exactly it is, so he's told me to pick the date when I think we first got together and we'll celebrate then," she laughed.