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Mystery over Lohan 'release' from rehab clinic

MYSTERY remained today over whether 24-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan has been released from the Betty Ford rehab centre near Palm Springs.

TMZ reported that Lohan was still taking sobriety classes at the centre and would return to Los Angeles today, though E! insisted that she had departed the facility, citing Ms Lohan's mother, Dina, who called it "a great day".

Ms Lohan herself remained silent on Twitter yesterday. Messages for her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, were not immediately returned. A spokesman for Betty Ford said the facility does not comment on its patients.

Ms Lohan's father, Michael, was also mum on whether Ms Lohan was actually leaving rehab yesterday.

"I'm not going to say it's today, but it's a very controlled move," he said during a TV interview. "She needs all the right elements in place when she gets out... she's being very patient about it," he added. "I'm so proud of where she is now, and I don't want that to falter."

Ms Lohan has been receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Center, about 120 miles east of Los Angeles, since late September.


A judge overseeing her probation for her drunk driving case required her to remain at the rehab centre until Monday.

Whether she's in or out, Lohan faces an uncertain career and looming legal issues. For months, she's been haunted by her inability, or unwillingness, to shake the drunken driving case that resulted in two separate trips to rehab and jail in 2010.

And now she also remains under investigation for alleged misdemeanor battery on a Betty Ford worker and needs to satisfy a judge that she's complied with her probation terms during her stint at the centre.