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My stint on TV3 news was really soul-destroying

FORMER TV3 star Lorraine Keane has written a tell-all book about her time with the station.

The warts-and-all look at life behind the camera will throw light on life with the station up to her shock departure last year.

The former stalwart of Xpose, revealed she has no regrets about taking the last year off and has exclusively revealed she will be back on our screens in some form this year after she has put the finishing touches to her book.

Lorraine had intimate access to a lot of personalities, parties, premieres and red carpet events for 11 years as an entertainment reporter.

"[The book] was an idea that Blackwater Press came up with and they explained how they would like me to develop an idea based on my experience and now I will be able to tell what really happened off camera and before the film started rolling, as that's when you get to see the real side of the celebrities," she said.

The mother of two will have some interesting pieces in her book that didn't make the cut on television because she was very limited in what she could broadcast as entertainment correspondent.

"My piece for camera for the news at night was a maximum of two minutes and you do interviews with these celebrities for 10 minutes.

"It used to break my heart to do an interview so well and then only get to show a tiny snippet, really soul-destroying. So it's going to be lovely to get to elaborate," she said about her book which will be out before Christmas.

The IFTA-nominated Irish broadcaster and journalist has also written about the problems she had with the station until she announced her unexpected departure from the show on April 21 last year.

"It took a lot of strength to leave, having worked full time for the last 18 years and most importantly working in TV3 six days a week for 11 years. I feel very privileged to have taken off that time because I never could have up to now," she said.

"I felt that after two years it was time for me to go. I just don't think you can fake it in this business and I'm not an actress, I'm a TV presenter. I felt guilty about missing out on time with my two daughters Emelia and Romy. It was me I felt sorry for, not them. I need another challenge, there was nothing more I could give a show like that, I gave it two years," she said.

Working from home for the last year, Lorraine is looking forward to getting back into the world of television.

"I can't really comment on my plans. I will definitely be going back, let's say. Romy is starting school in September so I look forward to having the time but I'm not just going to go back for the sake of it. I'm only going back if it is something I am very passionate about and very proud of," she said.