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My Spanish hubby will back us if we win -- Laura

IT will be a case of divided loyalties for TV presenter Laura Woods (35) and her Spanish husband this Thursday.

She has revealed how hubbie Mark Arigho has just headed off to Poland today with a group of pals as he soaks up all the excitement of the Euros.

"He's going to the Ireland game and he would definitely be cheering them on but he's very proud of his Spanish heritage, his mum comes from Seville and we're just back from a holiday over there. We had a big meal with all his relatives and there was lots of slagging going on about the Ireland/Spain game," she explained.

"Mark was joking how if Ireland don't do well, he'll definitely be backing Spain to win. We had a massive party in our house the last time that Spain won the World Cup in 2010. It was all Spanish-themed with tapas and sangria and was a great laugh. He's definitely still in touch with his roots."

He even bought a little Spanish kit for their young son during their recent trip to Spain but Laura said he has yet to wear it.

"I'm not massively into soccer but of course I'm hoping that Ireland do well so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them," she continued.

She and her architect hubbie tied the knot three years ago at a lavish ceremony in Slane Castle, Co Meath.

They had been dating for four years before walking down the aisle together and their baby Ben was born just over a year later in November 2010.

Bubbly Laura, who also has a degree in Psychoanalysis, is back working full-time after her maternity leave. She had been filling in for Anna Daly on Ireland AM after she had her own baby, alongside Sinead Desmond, Mark Cagney and Alan Hughes.

And she said she's hoping to work with TV3 some more in the near future.