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My son won't go into TV – Eileen

RTE news anchor Eileen Dunne is helping her son through the Leaving Cert – but media will not be on his CAO form.

Eileen says her son is coping fine so far with the pressurised State exams, but is more likely to take up a career in teaching than follow her into the media.

The presenter, who is one of RTE's most established news readers, has one son Cormac with her actor husband Macdara O Fatharta.

"He is doing fine so far, I think he was a little nervous but he is well prepared and he will get through it," Eileen said. "He's not sure what he wants to do yet."

But Eileen says that her 18-year-old son is more likely to shun the limelight and choose a profession like teaching.

"I think he could make a good teacher," said Eileen, "I remember wanting to be a teacher when I was younger."



However Eileen, who is main anchor of the Nine News, says she is happy that her career path led her into the limelight.

"I never thought that my career would head this way when I was very young, but of course I don't regret a thing. I enjoy what I do."

A native of Clontarf in Dublin, and the daughter of former RTE correspondent Mick Dunne, Eileen met her actor husband through a mutual friend and they been married for 20 years.