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My perfect weekend

On Friday night I'd: Be grateful for a night at home after a week of going out. I've discovered a pleasure unknown to the young – the pleasure of not going out.

My favourite stiff drink is: An elderly cognac. Recently, though, I've been looking out of the window at my newly planted orchard and I'm thinking of making calvados from the apples. That might become my new favourite stiff drink.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: Gyms are not for me. I adhere to the old Italian adage, "No pain, no pain". There's no better restorative than a long, lingering lie-on listening to the radio.

My favourite item of clothing: My dressing gown. I've been known to start a day's writing in my dressing gown and get stuck in, only to deal with the embarrassment of answering the door at 3pm still wearing it, while denying I'm sick.

My Saturday night fever: Sitting in my La-Z-Boy armchair watching TV. My weeks are backwards – I go out to restaurants during the week and like nothing more than being at home for the weekend.

My favourite hangover cure: A packet of liver salts that I buy in Italy. They rehydrate, and replace all the minerals and vitamins that the previous night of drunken excess has taken from my body. They're not miraculous, but they come close.

On Sunday I rest by: Pottering. That's wandering around the house and garden doing lots of little jobs that need doing.

I'm currently reading: The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt. It tells the story of how the poem by Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, was lost for over 1,000 years, and when found, kicked the Renaissance into being with its dangerous ideas.

My last supper: Would be made up of a table of eight friends and eight courses, giving us tastes of my favourite foods – oxtail, beef tongue, truffles, caviar, Iberico ham, and of course, great clarets.

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