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My pants stay on from now - Love/Hate Aidan

Love/Hate actor Aidan Gillen says he has turned his back on nude sex scenes now that he has hit his mid-40s.

The Dublin native -- who also starred in hit US crime show The Wire -- says he has no intention of baring all in future roles.

After finishing up his role in RTE's Love/Hate, Gillen (44) is shooting the third season of the wildly popular Game Of Thrones, in which he plays a manipulative brothel owner.

The show, much of which is filmed in Northern Ireland, has attracted controversy over sex and nudity in the first two series.

Gillen is no stranger to nude scenes, having appeared naked in British film The Low Down. However he told the Herald that his sex scene days are over.

"I gave that up. Once over 40, I said no. I had done much more extreme stuff before that, but now it's all over. I'm going to keep my trousers on from now on."


Best known here for his role as drug baron John Boy Power, who was killed off in the last series of Love/Hate, Gillen says his fans like to re-enact the scene when they see him: "Mainly what I get is people driving by pointing their fingers at you like a gun and pulling the trigger."

He said his younger fans have trouble separating him from his character: "I get kids on the streets of Dingle asking me for drugs."

But Gillen, who owns a house in Kerry, said he enjoys the "positive feedback" after stopping to speak to fans and be photographed with them in Dublin yesterday.

The actor said he enjoys working on Game Of Thrones because it allows him time to play other roles.

Gillen is back in Dublin working on a dark comedy alongside Brendan Gleeson.

Gleeson stars as a good priest tormented by the inhabitants of his town in the film by John Michael McDonagh, who directed last year's hit The Guard.