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My new slippery role in Merlin - Charlene

IRISH actress Charlene McKenna has landed a role as an evil serpent-woman on BBC hit show Merlin.

The 27-year-old has revealed how she was thrilled to interpret an evil mythological character in the fantasy-adventure series, based on the legend of King Arthur.

She said: "I found it fascinating , [Lamia] was a daughter of one of the gods and they were basically created to kill children. Keats wrote this incredibly detailed, elaborate long poem called Lamia .In this instance , she's half-serpent , half-woman and she wants to kill Merlin. Whether she does or not , I'm not saying!"

The Glaslough, County Monaghan native has admitted that she had to endure hours of make-up when she filmed Merlin, which was a big change from her role as Jojo, a young chef on RTE series Raw.