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My curves are all natural, insists Hazel, despite boob job rumour

MODEL Hazel O'Sullivan has hit back angrily at claims that she has gone under the knife to have her assets enhanced.

Hazel, who last week debuted a new brunette look, insists that her curvy figure is all natural and put insinuations that she has had surgery down to jealousy from her peers showbiz industry.

The 21-year-old told the Diary she was disappointed when she became the target of malicious commentary on an entertainment website after donning a revealing white bikini for the opening of new tattoo parlour last week.

"People have been making out that I had a boob job but it is absolute rubbish," Hazel explained.

"There's not a hope that I would have implants, I've never needed to. Because I'm naturally big on top I'm always being described as a glamour model even though I've never done any topless shoots. That's partly why I decided to change my hair from blonde to brown. I want to try and shake that image.

"It's also nice to have a bit of a change and have something new and fresh because I've been blonde since I was 14 or 15. I'm really happy with it and there's been a lot of interest workwise so I've no regrets.

"I don't let other people's jealousy get me down."

Since trading in her blonde locks for her natural hair colour of brunette, Hazel says she's had many comments on the resemblance between her new look and that of top model Georgia Salpa.

And while the Assets model says she takes the comparison as a huge compliment, she is adamant that she has no intention of stealing the half Greek/half Irish beauty's crown.


According to Hazel: "I don't see it myself at all but I would definitely take it as a compliment.

"Georgia's stunning. Trying to look like her definitely wasn't the motivation for changing my hair though.

"I have no interest in being known for looking like someone else.

"It's just important to keep updating your look or people will get bored of you."

Hazel revealed she still felt the loss of her ex-boyfriend boxer Darren Sutherland enormously as the first anniversary of his tragic death approaches next September.

Sutherland (27) was found dead at his flat in Bromley, south London, by his manager Frank Maloney on September 4 of last year.

He and Wexford native Hazel had split earlier that summer, but remained close, with Hazel attending his last fight in London.

"It's crazy how fast the time has gone by, I still haven't really grasped fully that he's gone," she said.

"It's so sad. There's nothing planned yet to mark his anniversary that I know of, but I'm sure there will be something."

The model says she has been throwing herself into her work since Darren's untimely passing and will this week begin working as a hostess at the new Lucan nightclub, Mint.