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My birthday party is going to be low-key

I'M about to turn 28 and I feel like I'm getting old.

My birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to have dinner in Town Bar and Grill with friends before going on to Bucks for a dance. I usually work most weekends, but I've managed to get this weekend off to go out with the girls and I can't wait.


Karena Graham, Jodie Wood, Hayley Ryan and Slaine Kelly are my close pals, so we're going to head out on the town together.

I doubt I'll dress up too much though. I'm so bad like that, I'm always in jeans and a T-shirt. But I might treat myself on the day by buying something nice.

Cathal and I are not doing anything really. I love flowers, so hopefully a bouquet or two will arrive – but I'm not overly concerned with presents. Everyone has been asking what I'd like, but there's nothing I need or want. I'm happy once everyone is there for a fun night.


In an ideal world, I'd love a million things, but when I put it into perspective, I don't need anything.

I'll get to toast as well with Georgia Salpa.

A few of us have booked to go over to Spain at end of April for a week to chill out and get some sunshine. It'll literally all be about chilling and have a proper catch-up.