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My Ben missed Meteors but he'll fit in a flying visit says smitten Una

Una Healy's boyfriend Ben Foden was due to make a romantic trip to Dublin this morning -- after being forced to cancel a Meteors' date with the Saturdays star.

But the hunky rugby player could spend just three hours with the flame-haired pop-star.

The loved-up beauty explained how her boyfriend was due in at 9am this morning in order to spend some quality time with her, but had to leave just three hours later.

Ben had been due to accompany Una to the Meteor Awards at the RDS, where she presented an award alongside TV3 weatherman Martin King last night.

However, the couple had to put their date night on hold when the Northampton and England rugby union player had to stay in London for a training session.

Wearing a striking ballerina-style green dress from Lara boutique, the Tipperary beauty explained how she was disappointed to have to come to the event solo, but was looking forward to spending some time with her hunky partner this morning.

"He's going to fly over on a nine o'clock flight to see me for just three hours and then fly straight back, which I think is really sweet," she told the Herald.

"It does get hard because we both have such busy schedules but we try and make every effort to spend time together when we can," she added.

The couple moved into their first home together last month and, according to Una, are happier than ever.

The talented singer went on to explain how she felt lost, walking the orange carpet without her bandmates, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman.

According to Una: "I can't even believe we've come as far as we have.

"I have no plans to do anything on my own anytime soon.

"Even being here tonight without them is so weird for me, I feel like I'm missing a vital part of me.

"I'm enjoying it so much and then I'm thinking, 'where are the other four?'" she laughed.

Una also took the opportunity to take a swipe at fellow Irish lass and one of her band's biggest competitors, Nadine Coyle, who is one fifth of Girls Aloud.

The outspoken singer claims she doesn't agree with the Derry singer's decision to get elocution lessons to make her accent more attractive to the US market.

"I don't agree with it to be honest, I mean she has a lovely accent from Derry. She should relish the fact that she has an Irish accent. I'm very proud of mine.

"I often get knocked on the head about it but I wouldn't let it bother me.

"Although I have to admit that being around the girls constantly, I do feel like I pick up a London accent sometimes.

"Sure if I just go down to Cork for the day I come

back with an accent," she added.