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Mum-to-be Sybil in hunt for new home bargain

TV presenter Sybil Mulcahy is taking advantage of the property crash to snap up the perfect family home.

The pregnant broadcaster is currently house-hunting along the southside Dart line for a house for her expanding family.

Sybil (34) and her husband of seven years, Hugh, have bene on the lookout for a property for months now.

"We're in rented accommodation at the moment so we're trying to find the right house to buy," she explained.

"We'd like somewhere along the coastline on the DART, I'd love to get a place in Sandymount, but it just depends on if we find the right one and if we can afford it," said the telly host, who lives in Monkstown with her hubby and their children, Hugh (5) and Genevieve (3).

Sybil feels the timing is right to buy a property, now that prices have dropped.

"Everyone is telling us to hold off, but at the same time you have to get on with your life. We can't afford our dream home, we have to be realistic at the same time - I'd like a four-bedroom semi detached house."

The Ballymount broadcaster insists she's much more relaxed about her pregnancy this time around and hopes to work right up until the birth.

"I'm pretty busy so it's really just life as normal at the moment.


"The last time I was pregnant I interviewed Elle Macpherson on the Friday and had my daughter Genevieve by the Monday - I'll work right up until the end this time around too.

"With my first baby I was counting the weeks, but I'm much more laid back and relaxed on number three.

Sybilis gearing up to give birth on April 14, and can't wait for her kids to meet their little brother or sister.

The bubbly blonde is TV3's fifth high-profile employee to become pregnant in the past 12 months.