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Mum-to-be Nell runs 6 miles a day

MODEL Nell McAndrew is continuing to run up to six miles a day, despite being 20 weeks pregnant with her second child.

McAndrew (39) is a regular marathon runner and achieved her first sub-three-hour time for the distance earlier this year.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, in which she announces she is pregnant again, she admitted concerns had been expressed by people she knows but said her body could handle it.

Along with her daily six-mile runs, she is keeping up her fitness regime with twice-weekly gym sessions.

She said: "A lot of people say to me 'should you be doing that?'

"They're concerned, but there's no need because my body is used to doing a lot of exercise.


"To me it doesn't feel very much because I used to run 90 miles a week -- twice what I do now."

McAndrew -- who has a six-year-old son, Devon, with her property developer husband Paul Hardcastle -- said she still fits in to her size eight fitness gear.

For her previous pregnancy she managed to avoid maternity wear and simply wore size 10 sportswear instead.

McAndrew breastfed Devon until he passed his third birthday, which raised some eyebrows. But she said the criticism would not put her off doing so for her second child.

"If I do extended breastfeeding again, I certainly won't worry about what people think of it."

The full interview is in the new edition of Hello! magazine which is out now