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Mum-to-be Kiera aiming for chart success with band

SHE'S counting down the days until welcoming a son into the world next month. However, singer Kiera Dignam (right) is also looking forward to being back in business within weeks of giving birth – and she's starting her own band.

The 26-year-old daughter of Aslan frontman Christy Dignam revealed to the Diary that she's hoping to top the charts next year with her own music.


"I've just put a group together, so even though I'm going to have a new baby, I'll be pretty busy with work," she said.

"I'll be concentrating on songwriting and recording, focusing on original content, because I feel like I've built of a bit of a following at this stage, especially in Dublin, so I want to build on that.

"When I started gigging it was to see if people liked me – then I became completely booked out and am for all next year from May."

While she plans to take a step back and will not return to four nights gigging every week anytime soon, mother-of-two Kiera – who married her long-term partner Darren Moran last summer – said she's looking forward to returning to the stage.


But in the meantime, she can't wait to bond with her bouncing bundle of joy.

"Now I have the option to pull back and obviously with the baby I have to, to a certain extent.

"It's funny though, I was thinking it would be time off, like a holiday, but I forgot there'll be a little addition to take care of," she laughed.