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Mum Laura -- I'm taking baby steps back to TV work

YUMMY mummy Laura Woods has vowed to get back in front of the cameras as soon as her six months maternity leave is up in May.

The bubbly RTE star, right, who previously presented the Cafe, explained how she has no intention of giving up on her ambitions of taking over the small screen now that she's a mum to her first son Ben. Laura told the Diary how she has embarked on a strict diet since January in preparation for her return to the public eye, after being signed up as the face of a post-Christmas Aviva insurance fitness campaign.

"I haven't found it too difficult to be honest. I'm almost back to my old weight," Laura told the Diary.

"I've got two months left of my maternity leave so I'm trying not to even think about work until then.

"I'm going to start doing my RSVP column again this month and then after that we'll see, I'm taking baby steps.

"Of course I would love to do more TV work, we'll have to see what comes up.

"Different things have been mentioned so I'll sit down and figure it out when I'm back to work."

Laura, who also works as the entertainment reporter on 2fm's Will Leahy Show, is set to make her return next week when she hosts the Saba Mother's Day lunch in aid of the Paul Stafford Foundation next Friday, April 1.