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Mum Hazel juggling four boys ... and the Eurovision

SHE has re-entered the music world after more than 10 years in the wilderness, but it's a tiring business for Hazel Kaneswaran.

The mum of four, a finalist on Popstars: The Rivals, has just finished working on a track for the upcoming Eurovision.

The Dubliner was handpicked to mentor an act hoping to represent Ireland in this year's contest. But it's tough juggling her new music commitment with looking after her children.

"It's going very well, but I haven't slept in about a month," Hazel told the Diary."It's always the last minute, 11th hour kind of stuff with me.

"Then you're trying to run a household with a husband and four boys running around, so it's hectic."

Determined to make her mark on this year's competition, Hazel has been working flat out ahead of the song launch next week.

"There is still a lot of work to be done, but at least I have my song done and dusted and I have chosen my act.

"I never thought I would be into the management side of things, but I am really enjoying it because I never got to do that stuff in the music industry before.

"Trying to sort out the track took a long time, but I have always loved music and did bits and pieces down through the years."

The 36-year-old was tipped for stardom when she got down to the final 10 on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 – the show on which Girls Aloud was made – while she was pregnant. But Hazel was asked to leave the programme after ITV bosses discovered that she was 10 days over the age limit.

But the busy mum, whose younger brother Siva is a member of The Wanted, never lost her passion for singing and music.

"I might do more now because my youngest started school in September, so I feel like I have more time for my music," she said.


"The last time my children were my priority, but it helps now that they are a bit older."

Hazel has four sons – Oisin (11), Niall (10), Sean (6) and Pearse (5) – who remain the most important things in her world.

"It's mad looking back now and thinking that I was pregnant with Oisin at the time I did Popstars," Hazel said. "He is so grown up already and is turning into a little hormonal teenager."

The singer has been so occupied with her hectic schedule that she had no advance warning about her brother's band, The Wanted, deciding to split up temporarily.

"I heard about it when everyone else did because I have been so busy with Eurosong," Hazel told the Diary.

"Siva is so young, plus he's very talented and gorgeous, so it makes sense that he should try out different things."