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MTV's Laura knows a good bargain when she sees it

MTV presenter Laura Whitmore (24) may spend her days interviewing bling-tastic A-list celebrities on the red carpet but admits she's a true recessionista when it comes to spending.

"I'm quite thrifty. I've always been and I still am, I'm always checking out the reduced aisle," says the DCU journalism graduate who now lives in London.

"Working in Camden and living in Angel I still think like a student, as I always want to get the best value for money," she said.

"Maybe it's an Irish thing, I don't know, but if I'm wearing a top I usually got it reduced or for half price -- and if someone admires it, I'll say I got that for a tenner."

The Bray native, who's saving for a house back home, went on to say how she doesn't think she has paid full price for anything and sources must-have items on the internet at reduced prices.


And she won't even be swayed from her thrifty ways when it comes to attending celebrity-filled awards events -- and altering things to fit the glitzy occasion.

"For the MTV Europe Music Awards I wore a John Rocha shearling shrug that I was given on loan and the dress I wore cost £15 at H&M in Camden. When I bought it, it was broken down, literally," she continued.

"The zip was broken and I'm not the best at sewing so I got it fixed at a dressmaker's. I like adding a few things myself, a pucker here and there so it's unique. I like mixing expensive clothes with high street."

The presenter of MTV Digs and MTV news has spent the past 12 months travelling all over the world interviewing the stars but admits Bono is on her interview wish-list for 2010.

"He's an Irish man who's done very well for himself," she tells Prudence magazine.