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Mrs Brown movie to showcase Aslan songs


  Brendan O'Carroll  as Mrs Brown

Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs Brown

Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs Brown

THEY have been covered by U2 and celebrated by the entire Irish music industry.

But cancer-battling singer Christy Dignam is about to get his biggest break yet, from BBC matriarch Mrs Brown.

The Herald can reveal that fellow Finglas man Brendan O'Carroll wants to use music by Aslan in his forthcoming $6m (€4.6m) movie Mrs Brown De Filum, which starts shooting in the UK next month.

Busy touring his Mrs Brown stage show in the UK, the comedian missed out on the emotional Night For Christy gig in Dublin's Olympia last month.

But lifelong fan Brendan has been plotting his own big screen tribute to the Aslan singer.

In an interview with the Herald, O'Carroll described Dignam (52) as "a genius we will not see the like of again for generations."

Growing up watching British music shows like Top Of the Pops, he said that coming across the band who grew up alongside him in Finglas, was a major turning point

"Discovering Aslan was like shining a spotlight on my own Dubliness," Brendan said.

"Christy's unique voice the energy of the lads, the grit yet beauty of the lyrics.

"Aslan were the band we Dubliners were all waiting for."

Brought up a few streets away in Finglas, the comedian said he had known Dignam since they were teenagers.

Mrs Brown De Filum is due out in 2014.