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Mother's Day will take a back seat

When you have two young sons and get up at 5am, heading out on a Friday night isn't as appealing as it used to be, so I think it will be a quiet Mother's Day weekend.

Myself and my husband Ben go out from time to time, but I think tonight will be a very quiet affair.

We are having close friends and family out to our home in Wicklow tomorrow for our son Euan's first birthday.

It won't be a huge thing because he is so young, but of course I will get him a card and a present and there will be plenty of photographs for him to look back on when he is older.

I did a photo shoot with the two boys recently (above) as I am the ambassador of the Seat car brand and they were total pros.

I don't think there is anything big planned for Mother's Day as the boys are quite young, but I will make the most of the occasion and take my mum out for lunch again.

It is the perfect excuse for a girly day.