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Morrissey said my marriage wouldn't last - TV's Dermot

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary has revealed he bumped into Morrissey as he checked into his honeymoon hotel -- and the former Smiths frontman told him his marriage would not last.

O'Leary tied the knot with long-term girlfriend Dee Koppang last month in a ceremony at a church in Kent, England.

He said the surly singer delivered his gloomy verdict when he spotted at his hotel in Rome.

In an interview for tonight's Jonathan Ross Show on ITV1, O'Leary said of his marriage: "It was just a great day and we went on honeymoon to Italy. We walked into a hotel in Rome and we dumped our bags and we came downstairs to the courtyard and had the strangest situation -- David Moyes, the Everton manager, was sat over there and Morrissey was sat over there."

He approached Morrissey, whom he had previously interviewed for his BBC Radio 2 show: "I went over and I said, 'It's lovely to see you', and he said these words: 'Really? I'm sure you'd say the same thing to Barry Manilow or Gary Barlow'.

"I said, 'No it is. Morrissey, I'm here on my honeymoon', and he said, 'It won't last, these things never do'."

In an interview last year, O'Leary spoke about what a disappointment it was to meet his hero. He told a newspaper: "Having Morrissey on my radio show was an experience - he called me shallow and I told him that he was confusing being shallow with liking life. He's an odd character: the minute I'd play a record, he'd be charm personified and when we'd cut back to our interview, he'd turn back into pantomime Morrissey."