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Morocco? I'd do it again - Rosanna

FORMER Miss World Rosanna Davison says she "would do it all over again" after her whirlwind trip to Marrakesh with Glenda Gilson's ex Johnny Ronan.

The mini-break took place after a day of "Sunday afternoon drinking gone crazy", model Rosanna (25) told the Herald at a health promotions shoot yesterday.

However, the Wicklow woman said her sole misgiving about her impromptu 36-hour trip to Morocco with the property developer was that Glenda got hurt in the process.

But the blonde said she would do the same thing again, and that everyone must do impulsive things when they're young.


"I don't regret it, I don't. I regret that people got involved and that people obviously got hurt but I don't regret the actual trip. I think everyone does these things at some point," Rosanna said.

"We had an excellent time over there. I would do it again.

"As I said, it was total spur of the moment. It was Sunday afternoon drinking gone crazy," she said at a health promotions event for Boots Hospice Ireland at Trinity College.

The beauty pageant winner was adamant that her involvement was not planned however and said it was not a publicity stunt on her side.

"We never imagined it would even emerge that we went," she insisted today. "I suppose from the inside looking out, it looks like a huge scandal but I know how innocent it really was."

Rosanna claimed that she and her long-term boyfriend, Wesley Quirke were still very much an item and she was planning to return to Marrakesh on a trip with him and her parents, singer Chris de Burgh and his wife Diane, next month.

Meanwhile she and TV3 presenter, Glenda (29) were due to come face-to-face yesterday for their first meeting since the news of Rosanna's trip to Morocco broke.

The UCD graduate insisted however that the Xpose cameras would not be present for the chat, which she said would be a private affair. Rosanna claimed she had no idea about the now infamous 'Ranelagh Rumble', between Johnny and Glenda until she returned to Dublin.

The high-profile pair became embroiled in a very public bust-up on February 27 outside McSorley's pub in Ranelagh.

"I didn't know about her incident with him. I only heard when I landed here. I suppose if I had known about the incident, Morocco wouldn't have happened," she admitted.

"I really like Glenda; Hopefully we can continue to be friends. I think it will be okay. Hopefully, she will understand it was exaggerated to be more than it is," she said.