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Morgan reunited with cricket beau for big Irish showdown

FORGET Kevin O'Brien ... meet the real Irish star of the Cricket World Cup.

Gorgeous model Morgan Deane has arrived in India in time for tomorrow's crunch tie with South Africa.

Except Morgan won't be in the Irish camp - she is the WAG of South African cricket captain Graeme Smith.

Smith has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world including South African fashion model Minki Van Der Westhuizen and was even previously linked to Prince Harry's on/off girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

But the stunning Irish model, who is a backing singer for Jedward, has the steamy city of Kolkata -- and all of South Africa-- buzzing since she first bowled over Smith.

The 25-year-old Cork-born model is expected to wear a green shirt at the game -- but whether it carries the words "South Africa" or "Ireland" has yet to be seen. "She can have one of my shirts if she promises to wear it," Ireland's man-about-town Niall O'Brien told the Herald.

"We have a few mutual friends and I know Smithy well so I'm looking forward to saying hello." Neither Deane nor Smith have confirmed the relationship but both have changed their Facebook profile photos to one which shows them together.

Smith has also been tweeting messages to her liberally sprinkled with Xs.

Deane will find the weather very different to what she left behind.

The temperature soared into the mid-30s this morning and humidity is often well over 90pc.

The bustling city is fighting to escape its reputation as the city of squalid slums and street children, and has a thriving local economy and growing investment.

The state of West Bengal has had a democratically elected Maoist government for 34 years but it is expected to be removed from office in forthcoming elections.

The cricketers are keen to get involved with the many Irish-run development projects in this city of 15 million souls.

"Andre Botha's wife Yvonne is bringing a group of the wives and girlfriends out to see one of our schools later today," said Suzanne Flood, of Suas.

"She is going to meet the children and help the teachers for a morning.

"The kids are so thrilled because the cricketers are superstars to them," said Flood, a Dublin native who has worked in Kolkata since 2007. Suas is a fast-growing organisation that attempts to make social change through education, and has projects in India, Ireland and Africa.

The party have also made themselves available to GOAL and the Hope Foundation who are both very active here.

Architect Ciaran Mac Mathuna works in Kolkata helping to install toilets to schools, which will help reduce illness and absenteeism.

Ireland's batting hero Kevin O'Brien has been appointed a GOAL ambassador and will visit some of its projects this week.